What domain extension is this?

.PK is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Pakistan.

What are the requirements & restrictions for this domain extension?

There are no restrictions on who can register .PK domain name, it can be register by any individual or business in any country.
.PK domain registration is a manual process and it requires maximum of 30 days to complete. We shall notify you on the registration status via email.

A domain name may be immediately registered on a provisional basis and made available without any human review, contingent to a full review for which registry shall attempt in a maximum of 30 days to approve or reject any application submitted to registry for registration of a .PK domain name, totally in its own discretion and the applicant hereby agrees that he or she shall have no right to any such registration which is wholly the discretion of registry.

Domain name which fall under below circumstances are not allow to register:

  • Domain name which infringes upon a registered tradename;
  • Domain name which is not bona fide as recognized by international best practice;
  • Domain name which is a contravention in the opinion of registry to be a contravention of the latest version of the Pakistan Penal Code Act, 1860 (including offences of defamation & blasphemy)/ Anti-Terrorism Act, 1997/any applicable criminal law;
  • Domain name which has been declared by a Criminal Court of appropriate jurisdiction to have contravened the latest version of Pakistan Penal Code Act, 1860 (including offences of defamation & blasphemy)/Anti-Terrorism Act, 1997/any applicable criminal law);
  • Domain name which in the opinion of registry is not appropriate for registration;
  • Any claim to trade name or copyright under .PK domain name is considered valid only if it is registered with an official trade-name/copyright/patent office in Pakistan, or is recognized by the courts of law in Pakistan (e.g. international trademarks);
  • Certain words that are deemed derogatory, or offensive will be not be permitted in a domain name. The list of these words is provided by registry Advisory Group members, and may be amended from time to time by registry that, in its discretion, reflect the local community standards;
  • Any domain name whose commonly understood usage results in an obvious attempt at significantly conveying hate, or derogatory material against any religion, person, living or dead, city or a sovereign entity, or a public office, title or any branch of Government of Pakistan;
  • Domain name unambiguously matches the name of a famous person of Pakistan, whereas that person has been mentioned in the news media for no less than ten instances (referred to as “”Famous Person”” here)

What kind of domain extension does WebNIC offer?

WebNIC currently offer .pk, .biz.pk, .com.pk, .net.pk and .org.pk.

What document is required for this domain extension?


What is the length limitation for this domain extension?

For 2LD, Minimum 4 / Maximum 63 characters.
For 3LD, Minimum 1 / Maximum 63 characters.

What is the terms of registration?

2 years.

Can I delete a domain after registered?

No, .PK domain is not allowed to delete upon successfully registered.

What is the terms of renewal?

2, 4, 6 or 8 years

How does the Domain Life Cycle work for this domain extension?

After a .PK domain was expired, it will go through below life cycle:

14 days
Renewal Grace Period
Redemption Grace Period
Pending Delete

If partners did not renew or restore the domain name, it will be release for public re-registration approximately 14 days from the domain expiration date. Please note that domain re-registration is on first-come, first-served basis.

What is the procedure for transferring the domain registrar under this domain extension?

Yes, Partners are allowed to initiate registrar transfer for .PK domain name. Please note that domain will be extended for 2 years after completion.

What is the procedure for transferring the domain reseller under this domain extension?

Partners are allowed to initiate reseller transfer for .PK domain name. Please note that domain will be extended for 2 years after completion.

Please refer to Reseller Transfer for more detail information.

Does WebNIC provide Internationalized Domain name (IDN) for this domain extension?

No, WebNIC does not provide .PK domain name at this moment.