Set up Whitelabel Premium DNS with WebNIC NS

Sample scenario

Registrar: WebNIC or any other Registrars
DNS: WebNIC Premium DNS (yes, WebNIC PDNS support other registrar’s domain)
New NS to create:,,,

Obtain PDNS IP

  1. Login to Partner Central
  2. Go to DNS Panel > Setting > NS Whitelabel
  3. Copy 4 of the A records

Update IP to the new NS

    1. Login to the domain Registrar(if non-WebNIC Domain)
    2. Go to DNS Panel > DNS Management
    3. select Non-WebNIC Domains. (If it is non-WebNIC Domain)
      If it is non-WebNIC Domain, you need to add the domain to system first. Check this article how to add non-WebNIC domain to system.
    4. Search > View
    5. Add Record
      • Type: A
      • Subdomain: ns1
      • IPv4 : Paste the copied IP
      • TTL : 1hr
    6. Repeat Add Record step for ns2, ns3 &

Register the new NS to registry

If WebNIC isn’t the domain registrar for your new NS, you are required to register the new NS (or update NS IP if it has been registered before) to every possible registry.

However, if WebNIC is the registrar of the new NS, we will register (or update NS IP if it has been registered before) to every registry that we are offering automatically (after partner submit the new NS on the next step). One thing for partner to take note is that if the NS has been registered before, please ensure there aren’t any dependency on the old IP as it will be replaced with the new IP.

Read more: Why I need to register the NS to registry(s)


Update the new NS to Whitelabel system

  1. Back to DNS Panel > Setting > NS Whitelabel
  2. Insert the new NS, …, to the input
  3. Click Submit > Confirm