What domain extension is this?

.TRAVEL is the top-level domain (TLD) intended to serve the global travel community, it is restricted to people, organization, associations, and private, governmental and non-governmental agencies in the travel and tourism industry.

What are the requirements & restrictions for this domain extension?

The restrictions shows as below:
Any business, organization or individual whose primary activity is within one of 22 business sectors of the travel industry is eligible to register a .travel domain name.

The 22 business sectors of the travel industry/defined Travel Industry Segments
such as below:

  • Airlines
  • Attractions/Theme Parks
  • Bed & Breakfast Houses
  • Bus/Taxi/Limousine Operators
  • Camp Facility Operators
  • Vehicle Rental Companies/Airport Specialty Car Park Companies
  • Computer Reservation/Travel Technology Provider
  • Convention & Visitor’s Bureaus
  • Cruise Lines
  • Ferries
  • Hotels/Resorts/Casinos
  • National Tourism Offices
  • Passenger Rail Lines
  • Restaurants
  • Tour Operators
  • Travel Agents
  • Travel Media
  • Travel-Consumer and Market Research Organizations
  • Travel Insurance
  • Travel Training Institutes
  • Creators and providers of the travel and tourism products, services and content
  • Suppliers of good or services to the eligible industry participants set out in these defined sectors
  • Partners can only register a name that is publicly used by, or associated with, the organization. Name registration is limited to names to which the registrant holds or uses, not limited to but including:-

    • Incorporation (legal) Name/Partnership Name/Individual Name
    • Doing Business As; Trade Name; or; Usual Business Name; or Usual Business
    • Name as used in a URL
    • Trade Mark
    • Service Mark
    • Product Name
    • Club or Association Name
    • Transport Vessel Name
    • Competition, Games or Event Name
    • Division Name
    • Subsidiary Name
    • Promotion or Venture name
    • Acronym (Acronyms must be only the first letter of the primary words of the name, not including words such: the (unless the first word of the name), and, as, of, &, or. Contractions or short forms of words, such as “Chas” for “Charles” or “Bros” for “Brothers” are not permitted as acronyms.

    What kind of domain extension does WebNIC offer?

    WebNIC currently offer .travel

    What document is required for this domain extension?


    What is the length limitation for this domain extension?

    3 to 63 characters.

    What is the term of registration?

    1 to 10 years.

    Can I delete a domain after registered?

    Yes, Partners are allowed to delete a .travel domain name after registered. However the registration fee is not refundable.

    According to ICANN latest gTLDs’ Add Grace Period (AGP) deletion policy which does not allow the refund of deleted domain during the Add Grace Period. Therefore, with effective 1st April 2009, all gTLDs domains (.com/.net/.org/.info/.biz/.name/.mobi/.asia/.travel) that are deleted during the AGP will not be refunded.

    What is the term of renewal?

    1 to 10 years.

    How does the Domain Life Cycle work for this domain extension?

    After a .travel domain was expired, it will go through below life cycle:

    40 days
    Renewal Grace
      30 days
    Redemption Grace Period
      5 days
    Pending Delete

    If partners did not renew or restore the domain name, it will be released for public re-registration approximately 75 days from the domain expiration date. Please note that domain re-registration is on first-come, first-served basis.

    Can I transfer the domain registrar under this domain extension?


    Can I transfer the domain reseller under this domain extension?

    Yes, Partners are allowed to initiate reseller transfer for .travel domain name. Please note that domain will be extended for 1 year after completion.

    Please refer to Reseller Transfer for more detail information

    Does WebNIC provide Internationalized Domain name (IDN) for this domain extension?

    No, WebNIC does not provide IDN.travel domain name at this moment.