Use WHOIS Protection to Keep Your Website Private

Once you purchase a domain, a collection of information such as your name, address and telephone number will be published.

Here’s why you should keep your private information well… private.


1. Identity theft

WHOIS protection keeps your identity from being stolen by identity thieves and prevent them from using public accessed information irresponsibly misrepresenting you and your businesses.


2. Have complete control over how people reach you

A private domain ensures visitors can contact you using specific information that you provide on your website. Preventing unwanted individuals from finding your personal contact number and address.


3. Spam

Without WHOIS protection your information could be harvested by marketers and then sold to corporations and organizations looking for an email database to sell you their products and services!

With cybercrime on the rise keeping your personal information private from prying eyes is essential.

Webnic will be launching WHOIS ID protection free of charge soon for all gTLDs to ensure everyone will be protected!