Alibaba Cloud

How do partner purchase AlibabaCloud products from WebNIC?

Our partnership with AlibabaCloud provides Partners up to certain discount when Partners create an AlibabaCloud account from a link that given by WebNIC. The account has no different to the usual account, except ours’ provide discount for 60+ of AlibabaCloud products, such as ECS, OSS, RDS, CDN, etc. Contact for more information and account activation.

Do partner get free trial if created new Alibaba Cloud account with Webnic?

Yes, all partners entitle Alibaba clouds product trial even created AlibabaCloud through Webnic. For Alibaba cloud free trial information, refer

How does the billing work?

It is postpaid basis. Partners can create an AlibabaCloud account with us and enjoy the free trial for the first month. If Partners decided to continue the services, we will deduct some credit from Partners account as a deposit for the AlibabaCloud Account credit limit. On every month end, we will deduct the total consumption from your Partner Account and reset your credit limit.

Can I purchase AlibabaCloud direct from WebNIC instead of create an AlibabaCloud account?

Currently WebNIC offer a very limited product direct from AlibabaCloud, such as AlibabaMail only. Reason being is most of the AlibabaCloud Products require super admin access to control the product, where it will be more convenience when Partner has direct access to AlibabaCloud Account.

Where can find the documentation for all Alibaba cloud products?

Alibaba cloud had provided a very detailed user guide and product information in their website, it covers product information, user manual, API integration, etc. For more information, refer

Where is the data centre for AlibabaCloud?

AlibabaCloud has the advantage of data centre in Asia Region, if you are planning to expand your business in Asia region AlibabaCloud is the best option, it covers most of the countries in Asia, such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, China, Taiwan Hong Kong, Philippines, Japan, south Korea, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand . For more information and other locations, refer

What does WebNIC mainly in charged with AlibabaCloud accounts?

WebNIC mainly in charged with partner’s billing matter only. For Product information and support, Partners are advised go to AlibabaCloud directly. For more information:

How was the billing for Alibaba cloud procedure happened?

Every month end, Alibaba Cloud will send us a bill of every subaccounts, which consist of the discount on respective purchased item. We (Webnic) will deduct respective price from partner account according to the given discount for every partner.

Is it every Alibaba cloud product purchased by partner from Alibaba cloud reseller will get discount?

No. Not every product has discount, if the purchased item does not have discount then we will charge original retail price on partner account.

Can the discount given by WebNIC use with AlibabaCloud Promotion Campaign?

No, both promotion/discounts cannot be use at the same time. We will provide the discount to you whichever lower.

What is the Technical Support package can be subscribed by partner if register Alibaba Cloud account with Webnic reseller?

Every Alibaba Cloud account can subscribe to a BASIC Technical Support package which is FOC. It inclusive of 6 support ticket per quarter with <18h SLA.
*With USD 19.99 per month, partner can enjoy unlimited technical support ticket with <8h SLA
*Alibaba Cloud also has a Community forum to ask question. For more information:

What is the procedure will be implemented to sign up an Alibaba cloud account for partner?

  • Contact your account manager or send email to
  • An email will be send to partner. Partner click on the link and register a new account.
  • After partner created the Alibaba Cloud account, reseller can enjoy the free trial first, after that may contact us to enable credit limit.

How the credit limit will be assigned to partner?

Credit limit will be assigned to partner when Alibaba subaccount is created.

The procedure was:

  • Partner require to provide a deposit for credit limit. Deposit-to-credit-limit follow 1:1 policy.
  • Advance Credit Limit: Require Finance approval, current policy maximum is 1:2 deposit-to-credit-limit.