Direct Debit (AliPay) Replenish Account Option

What is Direct Debit (AliPay)?

Direct Debit (AliPay) is a new replenish account option where WebNIC has just included, this is a direct debit top up option which is applicable for Partners in China.

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What is the coverage of Direct Debit (AliPay) service?

Direct Debit (AliPay) covers 98% of the banks in China Mainland, which includes China Construction Bank (CCB), Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited (ICBC), Agricultural Bank of China (ABC), Bank of Communications, China Merchants Bank, China CITIC Bank, China Post etc.

Is there any daily or monthly limit for Direct Debit (AliPay) members to proceed online transactions?

Daily maximum purchase amount for Direct Debit (AliPay) member is RMB30,000, annual purchase limit is USD 50,000.

How is the process and steps for Direct Debit (AliPay) replenish account option?

Step 1
Login into Partner Central

Step 2
Top Right Account Balance Dropdown box; Click on Replenish Account feature

Step 3
Select “AliPay” payment method> Fill in your top up amount

Step 4
The payment page will forward to PAYDOLLAR PAYMENT SERVICE payment page

Step 5
Under Pay By Others> Select 支付宝(ALIPAY)

Step 6
The information will forward to ALIPAY page and you may scan the QR code to complete the payment

Step 7
Payment confirmed

Step 8
Wait for the system redirection in order to complete the whole process and credit the amount into the reseller account

What is the merchant description appeared on the statement?

Under the statement, the transaction will be appeared as AsiaPay Payment Technology Pte Ltd.

Why my payment through Direct Debit (AliPay) was failed and being rejected?

The reject reasons behind the failed transactions could be due to the following:

  • Direct Debit (AliPay) members identity cannot be identified or incorrect login name or incorrect ID number
  • Buyer hasn’t completed the transaction, for example, insufficient deposit in Direct Debit (AliPay) account or timeout or wrong password to login the bank account

My Direct Debit (AliPay) account has deducted for the credit but the amount was not reflecting in my reseller account. Why?

Please contact us at [email protected] by providing the receipt or confirmation email on the Direct Debit (AliPay) amount deduction and the necessary information for further investigation and advice.