Domain Query – JSON


This API allow you to query a domain availability, as long as a premium domain and the price of premium domain.




sourceYesYour Partner IDwebcc-xxxxxxxxx
otimeYesYour Server Timestamp (URL encoded)2018-03-28%2000%3A00%3A00
ochecksumYesYour encrypted API Passwordfc5e038d38a57032085441e7fe7010b0
domainYesThe domain you intended to



Status CodeDescriptionSample
0 Command Completed Successfully
-Domain name is not registered
-Domain name is not registered lookupkey[lookupkey returned by registry]
-Domain name already registered
4System message-Error message returned by registry
-Invalid Reseller
-Domain Name is a Mandatory field, cannot be empty.
-Domain may contain only alpha-numeric characters or the dash (-) symbol (no leading or trailing dashes
-Invalid domain name/extension
-Invalid domain extension OR if you are a native domain name, please turn your browser to UTF-8 encoding
6Partner authentication fail Partner authentication fail)
8Connection Failureshttps connection error


Sample Response





“message”:”Domain name is not registered”,