Domain Registration

What is the registration term(s) available for domain suffixes?


Top Level Domain Registration Term(s)
.com/.net /.org/.biz/.info/.name

.associates/.attorney/.auction/.audio/.auto/.autos/.archi/.band/.bank/.bargains/.basketball/.beauty/.bio/.bike/.blackfriday/ .blue/.boats/ .bond/.broker/ .boutique/.builders/.cab/
.dentist/.diamonds/.diet/ .digital/.directory/.discount/.doctor/.domains/.education/.email/
.fitness/.flights/.florist/.flowers/ .forsale/.forex/.forum/.foundation/.futbol/.gallery/.game/.games/.gay/.gdn/.gift
.gifts/.gives / .giving /.glass/.gmbh/.gold/.golf/.graphics/.gratis/.guitars/.guru/.green/.gripe/.hair/.haus/
.healthcare/.help/.hiv/.hiphop/ .hockey/.holdings/.holiday/.homes/.hosting/.house/.immo/.immobilien/.inc/.industries/
.ink/.institute/.insurance/.insure/.international/.investments/.irish/.jewelery/.juegos/ .kaufen/ .kids/.kim/.kitchen/
.land/.lawyer/.lease/.legal/.life/.lighting/.limited/.limo/ .link/.live/.loan/.loans/.lol/.lgbt/.llc/
.中文网/.网址/.移动/all new gTLDs

.asia/ 1-10
.pk 2
.af/.my(Effective from 1st Feb 2010, 9AM (GMT+0800))
.hk/ 1,2,3,5
.lk/.ph/ 1,2,5,10
.jp/.sg/.uz 1,2 1
.tm/ 10
.ki 1-4
.ae/.co/.fm/.gs/.gy/.ht/.md/.mu/.nf/.tr/ 1-5
.be/.ch/.de/.it/.li/.lt/.ru 1
.im 1,2,5,10
.ro 2
.ai/.je 2-10
.gl 1-2
.es 1-5,10
.au 1, and 1-5
.nz 1, & 1-10
.cx 1-10
.cm/.mg/.ng 1-5
.be/.cf/.ga/.gq/.ly/.ml/.so 1-10
.mx 1-5
.pe 1

IDN = Internationalized Domain Name

How do I perform a domain registration?

Partners may register the domain name by follow the below steps:

  • Login to Partner Central;
  • Dashboard> Middle of the page, Search Domain Column;
  • Enter the domain name > Follows the steps to register the domain name.
Domain Registration Procedure
.travel Registrant must be authenticated or verified as a valid entity (business, organization or individual whose primary activity is within one of 22 business sectors of the travel industry ) in order to register a .travel domain name.

Registrants may register .TRAVEL domain through WebNIC by follow the below steps:-

  • Login to Partner Central;
  • Dashboard> Middle of the page, Search Domain Column;
  • Enter the domain name and follows the steps to register the domain name.
  • Enter respective UIN number.
.ae/ .au/ .bd/ .br/ .ca/ .ch/ .de/ .vn/ .in/ .it/ .jp/ .li/ .lk/ .kr/ .my/ .nz/ .tm/ .tr/ .pe/ .pk/ .ru/ .ro/ .th/ .uk This is not a real time process, therefore, it will takes at least 3 days to process. The registration application will submit into the respective registry within a business day and we will notify partners on the registration status via email.
.jp Due to the registry rules, if partners register a .jp domain for 2 years, the Whois record will only show 1 year registration term instead of 2 years. After the .jp domain expired for the first year, then only the WHOIS record will display the expiration date for the second year. Therefore, partners are advised to refer the domain expiration date from the partner central. Domain is based on the month of the domain has registered, rather than the day. .MM extension fiscal year ended on 30th September, meaning .MM domain(s) expiry date is fixed at 30th September of the year. For example- If you registered a new domain on 10-JUNE-2018, expire date will be 30-SEPTEMBER-2018. domain require to renew 7 days before expired date, due to it is a manual renew process, partner is advise to perform renewal earlier than required days.

Please refer to particular domain suffix for more information on the registration requirements and restrictions.

How do I perform an IDN domain registration, can I directly key-in the native characters?

Partners may register IDN domain name by follow the below steps:

  • Login to Partner Central;
  • Dashboard> Middle of the page, Search Domain Column;
  • Enter the domain name in native characters or Punycode, select the language tag and follows the steps to register the domain name.

How much does a domain name cost?

Partners may refer to the pricing table in the WebNIC partner central

I do not have the DNS to register my domain name; can I leave the DNS field blank?

DNS field is mandatory during domain registration process. If partners do not have their own DNS, partners may choose to use WebNIC’s default DNS which are and

By using WebNIC’s default DNS, partners will entitle for our DNS value-added services which are URL Forwarding, Email Forwarding, Sub-Domains Management and DNS Hosting. For further details, please refer to “Domain Management – DNS Service” FAQ.

Important notice:
With effective from 24 October 2011, 10AM (GMT +0800) onwards, China based partners are no longer being offered for our free DNS service and ShieldNS service. All domains which are configured using WebNIC’s default DNS and ShieldNS service by China based partners will NOT resolve.

Can I park my domain name at WebNIC’s server until I found a host?

Yes, partners may park the domain name at WebNIC’s server by pointing the DNS to WebNIC’s default DNS, and

What is domain parking?

If partners do not indicate where like to forward the domain to a specific host server, it will normally be “parked” at a server. The domain will remain on these servers until the domain being forward to somewhere else. If someone tries to access the domain, an “Under Construction” page will appear on the screen. Once partners have found a host for the website, the hosting company will be able to transfer the domain to their server.

Is there any charges if I use WebNIC’s default DNS as the domain DNS?

No, using WebNIC’s default DNS is free of charge for all partners.

How do I determine whether the domain name is available or not?

Partners may try to register the domain via control panel, if the name is still available, system shall automatically prompt to the next step. If the domain name is already taken, type in a new name and search again.