gTLD Verification

ICANN Whois Accuracy Program

The ICANN Whois Accuracy Program has officially started on 28th December 2014, 0000 [GMT+0800].
ICANN Whois Accuracy Program :
Registration Agreement :

Please note that only the domain registrant contact will need to perform the email verification upon specified transaction perform.

Transactions which request registrant verification include:

  • New registration
  • Domain modification ( no included DNS modification )
  • Domain Transfer ( verification email will be sent to registrant for verification upon transfer successful)

The verification need to complete in the duration of 15 days. Failed to verify the domain name by the registrant will caused the domain suspended.

As a reminder, the verification email will be send to domain registrant for 5 times until the due date.

Partners will received the last reminder before the domain be suspended if verification failed to perform by the registrant.