How WebNIC NS Subscription works

Basic NS

The legacy NS that WebNIC is offering for free since the beginning. It is highly adopted by many Partners and domains.
However, due to the legacy technology limitation, when updating the DNS record, it will not reflect immediately, but instead, it took up to 30 minutes.
To use Basic NS, during registration or domain management, simply select WebNIC NS > Basic NS

Premium DNS

Premium DNS is a new service released by WebNIC on Nov 2021 and official launch by on March 2022. Unlike Basic NS, Premium DNS offer real time update, anycast, DNSSEC, Geo Routing, white labeling and some other awesome feature.

With deep integration with WebNIC Products, it can

Another great thing about our PDNS is, it allows you to use it on non-WebNIC domains, all you need to do is add the domain to our system, so that you can perform DNS Management.

Great thing come with a price, so do our Premium DNS, but we are not charge by each domain, instead, it is a very low fixed monthly fee and you will be surprised that the charges is extremely low (Login to DNS Panel to check your pricing).

How the monthly fee works

With a fixed monthly fee, you can add up to 1,000 domains into your account. What’s even better? You can swap the domain any time necessary without any charges, as long as it don’t exceed 1,000 in total.
-Day 1: Added 100 domains; Remaining: 900
-Day 2: Removed 15; Total used: 85, remaining: 915
-Day 3: Added 40 domains; Total 125, remaining: 875

What if I have more than 1,000 domains want to use Premium DNS?

Yes, we are definitely support this. We have tier pricing to cope with account that has more than 1,000 domains. Please login to DNS Panel to check your pricing.