What is WebNIC Premier Partner Program?

Premier Partner Program offers the most lucrative profit for domain names sale in the industry. Not only does it offer a new revenue stream with low investment cost but also provide value added services to your customers. We work behind the scene in handling all the registration processing. Your customers will regard and recognize you as the sole service provider.

What are the key benefits of becoming a WebNIC partner?

  • WebNIC the leading ICANN Accredited Registrar in Asia Pacific
  • Strict B2B focus – Zero conflict of interest
  • Enjoy unbeatable low cost pricing – Also look out for our Hot Promotions!
  • Comprehensive online account management
  • True One-Stop domain name provider
  • Support Multilingual Domain Names
  • Create your own branding by Private Labeling your personalized web site
  • Seamless and complete API integration
  • Access to market-leading products such as search engine optimization services at low wholesale pricings.
  • Pro-active and multi-lingual customer support service
  • Dedicated account manager looking after all your account needs

How do I join this exciting WebNIC Premier Partner Program?

Just sign-up an account with us here.

If there any fee to join the Premier Partner Program?

No. Whatever amount you have deposited with us can be used for your domain transactions.

Are there any hidden charges? Eg. Setup fees, Sign up fees, etc.

No. There are no other charges except for the minimum US$100, pre-payment fees paid during the sign-up.

Why do I have to make a pre-payment of USD$100?

You are required to establish this account balance with us in order for you to start registration.

Do I have a minimum quota to commit in order to be your partner?

No. Currently there are no contractual obligations concerning the number of registration made through WebNIC Premier Partner Program.

Who can sign up for Premier Partner Program?

Anyone can become our Premier Partner as long as you register many names.

How much does each registration cost?

Kindly refer to the pricing table in your WebNIC partner central

What method of payment will be accepted?

We currently accept Credit Card online, Paypal as well as offline payment through bank draft / wire transfer. Our bank details here.

How will I know when the pre-payment balance is close to finishing?

We will send an e-mail notification to you when your deposit account balance falls below USD$100 or depending on your Threshold limit. You can also check your Statement of Account via the WebNIC Partner Central. Once the deposit account is nearly depleted, you will not be allowed to register and carry out any transaction until the account has been replenished.

What is the minimum Top-up and the minimum subsequent Top-up?

Each payment must be a minimum of USD$100 by credit card or USD$500 via wire transfer.

Why is there a difference in amount in minimum payment by credit card, bank draft or wire transfer?

Simply because bank draft / wire transfer commands a higher commission by the relevant authority thus, it is not cost effective for small amount of Top-up. But for huge amount, you are to make a Wire transfer instead of a credit card Top-up

How long does it take to become live with WebNIC Premier Partner Program?

Just as long as you’ve provided us the Signed Copy with Company Stamp of the Premier Partner Agreement and Payment received at our side, we will ensure your account to be live within a Single Business Day.

How soon can I start registering names?

Once your account is live, you can register domains immediately, via our Quick Start Registration or New TLDs Registration. However, if you intent to integrate our API with your system, you may require a longer time duration. We have partners who, has integrated within 2 days.

Will I be able to download the API immediately if I paid by bank draft or wire transfer?

No. You only able to download the API for integration and implementation when we confirmed received the payment and the copy of Signed with Company Stamp Premier Partner Agreement.

Are the registrations immediate?

Most of our domains registrations are real-time and immediate. Only a few particular ccTLDs extensions who needs special handling.

How can I check how many web address registratisons I have transacted?

You may access domain registration information as well as Billing and Account information through our reseller panel, WebNIC Partner Central.

Can WebNIC premier partners renew domain name registrations?

Yes. You are entitled to the same discount margins for all renewals of domain names for your customers.

Can I transfer domains that are currently registered through another registrar?

Sure. You may just login to your WebNIC Partner Central > Registration Tools > Quick Start Registration > Transfer

Can my customers or I renew domain names that are about to, or have expired through my interface to Premier Partner Program?

Yes. Domains that have expired and have not been renewed or re-registered can be registered through your WebNIC Partner Central.