Premium DNS Renewal Policies

Auto Renewal

By default when you subscribed to Premium DNS, the auto renewal is enabled.

Auto renewal will take place 2 days before the subscription expired. Please ensure your account has sufficient fund by that time.

Example: Your subscription begins on 13-Jan, the next expiry date is 13-Feb, and the auto renewal date is 11-Feb.


What happened if the subscription is failed to renew.

All your domains will switch back to Basic NS.

Your existing DNS record will move to Basic NS, however, it subject to the availability of the DNS Record Type. Record such as DNSSEC is not supported at Basic NS, hence, it will not move over to Basic NS

After move to Basic NS, some Premium DNS feature that the domain is using will be removed and may not able to recover, such as custom TTL, DNS Whitelabeling, etc.


Can I recover everything after I switch to Premium DNS from Basic NS due to failure of renewal?

Yes, but not everything. Only DNS record that supported by Basic NS will automatically switch over Premium DNS but those aren’t supported will not be recovered.


For your Premium DNS renewal price, please login to DNS Panel to check it out.